An-Chieh Cheng 鄭安傑
a8cheng at ucsd dot edu

I'm a PhD student at University of California San Diego, advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang. I received my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in computer science from National Tsing Hua University. Recently, I'm honored with the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship.

My research focuses on 3D Vision. I’m interested in how we can enable machines to better understand the physical world through self-supervised methods.

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UC San Diego
Sep. 22 - Present


Research Intern
June 23 - Sep 23


UC Merced
Remote Visiting
Jul. 20 - Mar. 22


National Tsing Hua University
M.Sc./B.S. in CS

Selected Publications

SpatialRGPT: Grounded Spatial Reasoning in Vision-Language Models
An-Chieh Cheng, Hongxu Yin, Yang Fu, Qiushan Guo, Ruihan Yang, Jan Kautz, Xiaolong Wang, Sifei Liu
A powerful region-level VLM adept at 3D spatial reasoning.

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TUVF: Learning Generalizable Texture UV Radiance Fields
An-Chieh Cheng, Xueting Li, Sifei Liu*, Xiaolong Wang*
ICLR, 2024
Learning generalizable texture UV radiance fields for shapes.

pdf | website | video | code | abstract | bibtex

Autoregressive 3D Shape Generation via Canonical Mapping
An-Chieh Cheng*, Xueting Li*, Sifei Liu, Min Sun, Ming-Hsuan Yang
ECCV, 2022
We decompose the point cloud into meaningful shape sequences, then we encode these sequences through a transformer for generation.

pdf | code | abstract | bibtex

Learning 3D Dense Correspondence via Canonical Point Autoencoder
An-Chieh Cheng, Xueting Li, Min Sun, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Sifei Liu
NeurIPS, 2021
Unsupervised learning of dense 3D correspondence.

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