An-Chieh Cheng 鄭安傑
a8cheng at ucsd dot edu

Hi, I’m An-Chieh (Anjie) Cheng. I am a PhD student at UC San Diego, advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang. I received both my M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees from National Tsing Hua University where I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Min Sun. I was also lucky to have the opportunities to work with Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang, Dr. Da-Cheng Juan and Dr. Wei Wei.

My current research focuses on self-supervised 3D representation learning. I’m interested in how we can enable machines to better understand the physical structure of the world with less reliance on human annotations.

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  • Our work on autoregressive shape generation is accepted by ECCV'22.
  • Our work on learning 3D dense correspondence is accepted by NeurIPS’21.
  • One NeurIPS’20 paper accepted.
  • Our work – InstaNAS is accepted by AAAI’20. See you in NYC

Selected Publications

Autoregressive 3D Shape Generation via Canonical Mapping
An-Chieh Cheng*, Xueting Li*, Sifei Liu, Min Sun, Ming-Hsuan Yang
ECCV 2022, Tel Aviv

pdf | code | abstract | bibtex

Learning 3D Dense Correspondence via Canonical Point Autoencoder
An-Chieh Cheng, Xueting Li, Min Sun, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Sifei Liu
NeurIPS 2021, virtual

pdf | website | code | abstract | bibtex

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